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beyondGREEN biotech, Inc.

beyondGREEN Dog Waste Bags - 16 Folded Rolls - 240 Bags

beyondGREEN Dog Waste Bags - 16 Folded Rolls - 240 Bags

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This pack of beyondGREEN dog poop bags contains 240 leak-proof dog poop bags which measure 9in x 12in and are 20 microns thick. Like all of our products this pack of dog poop bags are also manufactured here in the United States in sunny Southern California! With our strong dog poo bags you can now bag poop better and ensure you keep your hands safe and clean and the odor contained. These bags have more than enough capacity for multiple poop-mines or for large dogs. We are a ‘green business’ and therefore focus on the earth first which is why this pack of 16 folded rolls of 15 bags each are made entirely from plant-based biopolymers. We understand that pet poop doesn't smell like roses and that’s why our odor blocking unscented bags lock in that stink for good. Simple to open and tie securely. In addition to being made from plant-based biopolymers we also ensure that we never use any chemicals to make our products you can rest easy knowing that this is a chemical-free product! Even the ink we used is water-based! Because our bags are plant- based consumers can trust that when they are disposed in any manner micro-organisms start to eat away at the bags- the material is on their menu! The more micro-organisms available in the environment the faster our bags will decompose. The decomposition is even faster when disposed in an industrial composting facility and while our bags are approved by the Compost Manufacturer's Alliance most industrial composting facilities will not accept bags with pet waste in them. Worry not though that is why we created a home-use electric pet waste and organic composter. Please dispose pet waste responsibly.

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