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Omega Group of Compabies LLC

Nak Chews 1 lb

Nak Chews 1 lb

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Nak Dog Chew is Hand Made from 100% Yak milk from The Himalayas which means yummier Human -Grade Easily Digestible Smoky Flavor long lasting Dog Chew Easily Digestible. No Preservatives No Odor No Staining Help keeping your dog's mind Stimulated Reduces Stress Anxiety and Boredom. Trust Nak Dog Chew for best Customer Service and Canine Welfare. Small Dog Chew Pack made only from 100% Yak Milk 3 Pcs/7.4 Oz for Dogs weighing 5-40 Lbs. Nak Chew is a long lasting delicious smoky flavor dog chew made with 100% yak milk. The only ingredients used in our dog chews are yak milk salt and lime juice. This recipe of making hard cheese has been used by the people of the Himalayas since ancient time which is still traditionally used for human consumption. Our Dog Chews are lactose and grain free easy on tummy. Offering Nak Dog Chew to your dog helps her to scrape away plague and bacteria making sure that the dental hygiene is tip-top it also helps to eliminate bad breath swollen or irritated gums. It is also very helpful for teething puppies to relieve pain and stimulate the growth of teeth. Nutritional facts: Milk Protein (Min): 67.6% Moisture (Max): 9% Carbohydrates (Max): 0% Total Ash (Max): 6.1% Fat (Min): 0.9%

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