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Shady Cat Social Club

Shady Cat's Superb Sampler Set

Shady Cat's Superb Sampler Set

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Shady Cat’s most amazing offering: Three of our favorite blends of catnip very generous “samplesin of each served in glass tubes and silver screw top. They set in a custom wooden base and can be reused in a million different ways- the ideas are limited only by your imagination. But that’s not it! You also receive a sample tin of Silvervine. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a cat lover you have found it! This custom crafted catnip flight was designed with two customers in mind: the Inquisitive Cat Lover who wants to try out a new offering and see what it's all about and also the Ultimate Gifter who HAS to find the most interesting and different gift for the people on their list! Set contains approximately .20 oz. each of Leaf & Flower Catnip & Silvervine blend and Catnip & Valerian with .20 oz. of powdered Silvervine. How to use our catnip: we recommend that you keep your catnip stored in it's airtight bag in the fridge or freezer for maximum length of potency. All your cat needs is a PINCH in between your finger and thumb! Yup that's all! Just rub your fingers together to release all the oils stored in the catnip. You can either just drop the catnip on the ground put it in or on a toy or if you want to correct some unwelcome behaviors (such as stopping some furniture scratching) put that magical little pinch of stinky goodness onto a scratching post right next to your furniture and...voila! The attraction begins and bad behaviors will cease! Cats do NOT respond well to negative enforcement- they just think you are being mean and scary- but give them something they like and they respond just the way you want!

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