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Lighter Litter 3Pack

Lighter Litter 3Pack

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Perfect Litter is a natural mineral based product with off-the-chart odor control. Cats love the fine paw-soft texture that mimics clay. It clumps just as well but weighs a fraction as much. A 4-pound box is the equivalent to 28-pounds of clay litter. Perfect Litter™ absorbs 4 times as much liquid as clay. It also lasts longer up to 4-6 weeks for one kitty. Perfect Litter is the first Natural Cat Litter that is Ultra Light Hard Clumping 99.9% Dust Free and Superior Odor Controlling. Perfect Litter™ not only lightens the load on your shoulders—and in your pocketbook—this natural product leaves a smaller furry footprint on the environment than clay.
Perfect Litter is the ONLY CAT LITTER that allows you to visually monitor the health of your cat 24/7 and provides early warning for FLUTD. FLUTD is the number one feline insurance claim as reported by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. of Anaheim CA. Economical 4 lbs. = 1 Month Supply for 1 Cat.
Winner of 4 National Awards and has been recognized as one of the SPCA's Best of the Best of 2008 and The Store Brands Innovation Awards of 2012!

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