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XPOWER B-27 Super Tub Pro Double Motor 6 HP Professional Pet Grooming Dog Force Hair Dryer

XPOWER B-27 Super Tub Pro Double Motor 6 HP Professional Pet Grooming Dog Force Hair Dryer

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Length: 17.70 Width: 6.30 Height: 9.30 The XPOWER B-27 Super Tub Pro is the most powerful force air dryer for removal of heavy/saturated water for pets just out of the bathing tub. With a powerful 6 HP double motor design the Super Tub Pro delivers a high velocity/speed airflow with motor-heat to dry the thickest coats reducing drying time so that our furry friends don't have to stay still for too long! Unlike most double motor pet dryers on the market the B-27 is noticeably quieter producing at least 40% less noise than the nearest competitor and protecting against hearing loss and pet anxiety. The variable speed control synchronizes both motors and allows precise airflow to dry small or large breeds with short or long hair. The balanced motors and long lasting improved carbon brush design increases overall lifespan of this force air dryer. Constructed with durable and lightweight ABS the B-27 comes complete with three secure screw-on styling nozzles and an 8 Ft. long x 1.7 inches diameter high flex thermal hose. The washable 3-filter system keeps the motor operating at top efficiency and is easily accessible through the screw-off end cap. The XPOWER Super Tub Pro is ideal for groomers who desire a powerful yet quieter force air pet dryer for the bathing/washing area with versatility in airflow control which allows you to dry beyond indripping wetin down to insemi-moistin - especially on dense double and cotton type coats that require robust motor-heated air penetration to speed up drying. The B-27 is compatible with the Wall Mount Kit (WMK-2) for convenient storage as well as the multiple position tilt capable Stand Mount Kit (SMK-3) with Stand Conversion Arm (SCA) to convert to a hands-free dryer. Do more work less greater results the best value in two motors today!

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