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Dr. Becker's Bites

Dr. Becker's ORGANIC Beef Bites

Dr. Becker's ORGANIC Beef Bites

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Dr. Becker's Organic Beef Bites contains the highest quality beef liver available. Angus cattle raised on a strict diet free of corn and gluten provide organic ingredients high in essential protein building blocks. In addition Organic Beef Bites treats are free of hormones and antibiotics. Each individual liver can be sourced and age-verified back to its ranch of origin assuring every pet owner the very best treat on the market today! BENEFITS: Dr. Becker's Organic Beef Bites are hormone free antibiotic free steroid free and GMO free this is one of the inpurestin forms of meat you can find. Free-range grass-fed beef only enhances this top-shelf treat!

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