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Replenish Dog Water Supplement (10 pack)

Replenish Dog Water Supplement (10 pack)

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Replenish Dog Water Recovery Supplement is an all-natural powdered supplement that was created by veterinarian Dr. Rachel Walsh DVM to both expedite recovery and prevent dehydration in active dogs. Originally designed as a heat stroke preventative Dr. Walsh’s roots as a former NCAA All-American track athlete inspired her to further tailor Replenish to enhance recovery and increase endurance in canine athletes including running or hiking companions hunting dogs agility competitors and search and rescue dogs. Customer testimonials agree that Replenish improves their canine’s energy level during intense activity and helps them to perform better with a happier disposition during multi-day activities or competitions. This product can also be used for treatment of some dehydration related illnesses such as mild cases of vomiting and diarrhea. When recovering from over exhaustion elevated body temperatures or a GI disease dogs usually do not want to drink water and thus further dehydrating themselves. Replenish solves this issue by being an extremely flavorful water additive that entices dogs to rehydrate as well as provides vital nutrients aiding in full body and gastrointestinal recovery. The formula used in Replenish was developed based on the most current research on how to expedite recovery times and enhance performance in canine athletes. Replenish powdered supplement contains powdered chicken bone broth for flavor a simple carbohydrate source to restore cellular energy blueberry extract for antioxidants and vitamin B6 and B12 for recovery. This product does NOT include electrolytes because dogs do not lose electrolytes through sweat and excessive supplementation of electrolytes has been proven to be detrimental to performance efforts. All of the ingredients are safe for all life stages of dogs and are all human-grade products made in the USA. Replenish is designed to be easy to carry on the go and quickly mixes with water. The flavor is so enticing that your dog will not be able to resist it once it touches their lips!

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