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Super Tug Dog Toy

Super Tug Dog Toy

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For The Strong Dog Owner - Finally A Safe Easy And Painless Way To Play Tug-Of-War. Tug-of-war is a game that dogs naturally love to play and can be great exercise. If you have a powerful dog like I do you know what happens to your arm and shoulder after a few minutes of playing. Ouch! Looking for a solution to this problem I read about something called a inspring polein. A spring pole involves using a large metal spring to suspend a rope from an overhead tree branch with a toy hanging from the end. Then the dog can hang shake and tug against the resistance of the spring. I made one for our high energy pit bull dogs and they loved it. Unfortunately I quickly found some serious design flaws that ended up causing an injury (thankfully minor) to Maxwell our company mascot. So I designed the Super Tug a safer alternative to the spring pole. It uses a horizontal configuration instead of the vertical one used in traditional spring pole designs. It also uses super strong marine grade bungee cord instead of a metal spring. The connection points are designed so that in case of failure nothing comes flying back towards your dog. The Super Tug is made in the USA using components tested for durability strength and safety. Be sure to watch the video to see the Super Tug in action. With our One Year No Risk Guarantee you can return it for any reason within one year of purchasing for a full refund including shipping costs (if applicable). What are you waiting for. Order yours now!

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