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Easy Crate

Easy Crate

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A bargain priced dog crate that's easy to use clean move and store. Easy Crates are wire dog crates with dual latching doors on most sizes. Lightweight folding crates have a top handle for easy transport. Sizing Guide: Measure dog's height to the shoulders and length from chest to rear of leg then add 4in-6in to each measurement. See below for estimations by breed. For approximation only. X-Small: Cat Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua Maltese Italian Greyhound Small: Beagle Boston Terrier Cocker Spaniel Pug Medium: Basset Hound Bulldog Keeshond Norwegian Elkhound Dalmatian Medium-Large: Boxer Standard Poodle Golden Retriever Labrador Large: Afghan Doberman German Shepherd Irish Setter Rottweiler Collie X-Large: Great Dane Great Pyrenees Greyhound Mastiff Saint Bernard

For info on sizing please refer to the size chart

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